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myCSN is a single place to find a range of care options through local Service Providers and Individual Carers. myCSN puts choice and control in your hands.

If you choose to remain independent and in your own home, our trusted Carers can offer you:

  • Nursing Care
  • Personal Care
  • Social Support
  • Community Access
  • Transport
  • A range of individual services
  • Events to participate in

Home Care Packages

New legislation from 27 February 2017 gives Home Care Package recipients greater choice.

Approved individuals can purchase care and support services from multiple sources. You are no longer committed or locked-in to a single service provider. Now you can choose to:

  • Continue to receive care and support from your existing provider, who will also manage your Home Care Package; or
  • Have your existing provider administer your Home Care Package, but let them know that you would like to choose your own carers from myCSN; or
  • Change to another service provider or independent case manager and choose to receive services from myCSN

Can I use myCSN if I don’t have a Home Care Package?

Certainly! Older people who are not in receipt of a funded Home Care Package will easily find a range of services and Carers on the myCSN website. It’s an easy, safe and transparent way to engage the Carer who meets your specific requirements and who are happy to work with you.

myCSN makes it easy for you, your service provider or your case manager to find and choose the services you need.

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